Alberta oil exports increased 8% last year

Despite UCP politicians insisting that Justin Trudeau is preventing Alberta from exporting oil, the amount of crude oil leaving the province last year surpassed the previous two years.

Lethbridge EMS drug responses highest level since Feb

Lethbridge EMS responded to the second lowest number of drug-related events during August 2022 than in any other August over the last 5 years, but the number of drug responses have increased in each of the last three months.

Work stoppages worsen under UCP

While the number of work stoppages under the UCP’s first 3 years in power has been the same under the NDP’s entire term, the number of workers affected and days missed has skyrocketed.

Alberta sees largest loss in active businesses

Between May 2019—two months before the Job Creation Tax Cut came into effect—and May 2022, Alberta has seen the largest loss in the number of active businesses of all the provinces in Canada.

Tax cuts don’t create jobs. Higher worker wages creates jobs.

Conservative politicians cut taxes so they can give their rich donors more money. After all, taxes are applied to profits, not revenue, and lower taxes means more profits. But that doesn’t sell well with the public, so they tell us that low taxes creates jobs. Except tax cuts don’t create jobs. Let me explain. Companies […]


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