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Excellent piece, Kim!

Gord Bramfield

Great work, Kim. Very insightful.

Allan Martin

You do research, dive into press releases instead of parroting them, cite your sources, monitor files and update your readers about them. You eschew paywalls and actively engage with your readers.

Ixby Wuff

Just want to tell you today how much your writing and advocacy means and matters. I appreciate your witty and persuasive style. I appreciate the high quality of your research and commitment to truth. I’m grateful for you. Big thank you.

Ali Ibu

Please keep spreading light onto the darkness. Thank you for what you do.

Mark Renaud

Kim Siever is starting to be my go-to guy for his ability to turn piles of facts and statistics into clear-headed, concise analyses of important issues.

Linda Sinkwich

That’s some really good analysis!

Tim McNeil

Kim Siever is an incredibly intelligent, political voice that we need at the moment.


Kim, you have been so diligent and prolific. Information is important. Keep it up, and thank you!


Honestly, Kim, knowledge and awareness helps create solidarity and consensus. You’re an absolute beacon of hope in Alberta, and I thank you!


Everyone in Alberta should read your work. Keep it up, Kim.


The antiseptic light of truth – how refreshing. Well-explained and much-needed. Great work, Kim.


Another important story from Kim. Thank you for what you do!

Lisa Miguez

This is excellent work, Kim—terrifying, but excellent. Good journalism!

Sheri Wright

Thanks, again, Kim, for all you do!

Shawn Phelan

You are doing important work, Kim! Keep it up! We need more—not fewer—real investigative journalists.

Norlaine Thomas

Through and through, your work stands for itself.

Maciek Nowacki

Terrific summary, Kim. Thanks for writing it.

Susan Quinn

Always enlightening. Never disappointing. Thanks again.


Thank-you for all your efforts in helping to keep us all informed during such trying and difficult times.


This is a must read for every Albertan.

Cheryl Court

Another great piece from Kim Siever. He never fails to impress.

Jeremy Park

Thank you for this explanation. Your work is important.


I so appreciate how you make this information so “accessible”. Thank you!

Renee Anderson

Great to have this spelled out, dude. So much confusion and spin to sift through. Cheers!

Blake Evernden

This was great! I definitely learned something new today. Thanks for breaking that down!

Jill Kiefuik

Kim Siever is on a roll! Well researched, well done, sir.


Kim Siever deconstructs the op-ed; for that, I say thank you. Kim shares helpful information and definitions in a way the original op-ed never did.

Joe Ceci

Kim Siever is doing amazing work.

Peggy McCallum

This is why they fear an independent press. Crucial research. Well done, Kim.


I love how you explain things even this simple tradesman can understand.

Pat Genier

Excellent article. This one really caught me off-guard. Thank you for sharing.


A great piece of investigation.

Barbara Ivens

Awesome investigative work!


Thank-you for your hard work keeping us informed!


Thanks for this. Insightful and well-researched, as always.


There’s a depth to your writing that exhibits solid work ethics. You provide verifiable evidence. Keep on rockin’ it.

Gerry Del Frari

It’s nice to see solid reporting and discussion. Thank you.

Shan Valiant

Thank you, Kim for all of the excellent reporting on matters that would otherwise be swept under the rug.

Corrine Newbury

Another great piece of investigation.

Willy Smolka

Great read! Kim’s reporting is second to none. Highly recommended.

Adam Smith X

Keep up the good work unearthing the real stories, Kim!

Coreen S.

Thank you so much for your keen research and commentary. We need this kind of information in an era when journalists are cut and the government obscures the truth. Look forward to reading more.

Janice Williamson

Thank you. Kim. Your reporting is a light in the dark.


This is good. Includes examples and is to the point.

Kathryn Mathias

This guy is on fire.

Dustin Fox

Kim is a journalistic treasure. You are making a difference, Kim.

Eve O Destruction

In case you didn’t know, Kim Siever is doing some of the finest independent investigative journalism in the province.

Dr. Beavan

Thank you for bringing this important story to light, Kim Siever.


Kim’s a terrier. Nooks and crannies are nothing to this guy. One scent of scandal and he’s off to find what he sinks his teeth into. Seriously. A terrier. They never lose their focus or their scoops.

Jane Munroe

Excellent investigative reporting, Kim.

Heather Coleman

Well done, Kim! Keep doing what you’re doing. Alberta needs moreKim Sievers.

Daniel Cohen

Good detective work.

Debbie Sokolowski

That’s a lot of research. Very well done.


Gotta luv Kim’s work.

Ted St. Godard

That’s good research.

Sid Kobewka

Hats off to, Kim Siever. From one researcher to another: respect and admiration.


This is an impressive piece of investigative journalism.

Christopher Ewing

So-called journalists of Canada, take notes: this is what a real journalist & journalism looks like! Excellent work, Kim. Seriously.


Good journalism is a gift to democracy.

N. Linklater

Kim, you have been on FIRE! KEEP bringing us the needed truth! Thank you!


Thank you for all you are doing, Kim!


Interesting sleuthing. Great job!

Linda Janse

Thanks for your work, and thanks for sharing this.


Investigative journalism? In Alberta? About conservatives? #lovetoseeit

Chris Cousineau

Damn that’s some “search engine” you have.

Dixie Moore

Amazing sleuthing.

Corrine Miller

Kudos of Kim Siever for doing this research, and for publishing it.

Arün Smith

Great sleuthing. Thanks.

Catherine Dickson

Well done!

Kevin Greggie

Amazing reporting, Kim!

Chris James

You are gold! Thank you for the hours you log.


Good work!

James Forbes

Excellent sleuthing. This is mind blowing.


Great work! Thanks for doing this!


Love your writing. It’s amazing reporting, but I absolutely love how you lay out your journey.

Lisa Shravaka

Keep investigating, Kim.Great job.


Wow. Seriously great job.


Nice work, Kim!


Great informative article.

Judith Bares

Kim Siever…KILLING it these days.

Scott Schmidt

Interested in Alberta politics? You should give Kim Siever a follow. He modestly refers to his site as a blog — it’s not.

Trevor Parsons

Thank you for this! We are fortunate to have such a strong, independent news source in Alberta!


Easily one of my top 10 Alberta heroes, who came out of nowhere to help defend our province!


Dude, well done. Thank you for your hard work.


This is a great piece of work, Kim.

Barbara Ivens

Well done, Kim. Details, details, and more details.

Brendan Sherwin

Great detective work there!

Bev Knutson

Holy shit.


Score. Scoop. Well done.

JP Fair

That’s really impressive reporting, man.

Mike Dunn

I love how you tease out the details. Thank you, Kim.

Willy Smolka

Holy shit. Fantastic tracking.

Brad H.

Amazing work, Kim. This is the most important work during the post-truth era. Spin and gaslighting can only be undone through hard evidence of corruption.

Oscar Whiled

Your work is on another level entirely. Great work, Kim!

Susan Quinn

I thank you for the important reporting you are doing


I greatly appreciate your efforts and really really enjoy your articles/posts. Keep it up!

Stephen Anderson

Once again, kudos, Kim. Your work is excellent.


Your work is beyond excellent.

Marlie B.

Another very enlightening article, Kim. Thanks for your sleuthing.

Kevin Kohle

Kim’s doing great work of late.

Kevin Turner

You’re killing it, Kim. Great work, man.

Jason Schofield

Read through your page yesterday and was very much impressed and assured by your articles. You are thoroughly interested in facts and not click baiting, which these days, I find refreshing.


Thanks for all your hard work and keeping us informed with the info that isn’t hitting the media.


Another valuable exposé, Kim. Good work!

Susan Quinn

Incredible article. Kim is on a roll with the facts. Must read.

Robert Twerdoclib

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You have produced some great work people need to follow.

Dale Oldman

You are the bomb, Kim. So glad you are in my city kicking butt against UCP corruption.


Thank you for your tireless efforts in keeping the public informed about just how greasy this government is.

Katharina Staub

Your research and subsequent reporting is where I go to find the truth.

Kym Porter

Excellent and informative. I’ve been trying to read up on this more. This article is very helpful.


Kim Siever is an awesome journalist. I appreciate his rigorous research and insightful point of view.

Lorna Thomas

This myth busting blog will help. Everyone in the Alberta government making decisions about the fate of supervised consumption sites should read this. Our ally, Kim Siever, is fighting fiction with fact with yet another well researched blog post.


Great example of investigative journalism. You’ve provided by far the most information I’ve seen presented about the sale of this crown land. Mainstream news called it a day after telling people that it had happened.


Appreciate your in-depth journalism in the community.