IE7 Beta 1

Dean, the guy responsible for IE7, announced yesterday that Windows Vista (and concurrently IE7) Beta 1 has been released.
After reading the IE7 Technology Overview, I am please to see some of the new features that will be available in the new version of IE.

  • tabbed browsing
  • better user interface
  • proactive security notifications (for phishing, non-secure sites, etc)
  • alpha channel PNG support
  • better CSS support
  • RSS feed detection, subscription and viewing
  • built-in, customisable search tool
  • and so on

I won’t be switching from Firefox when it comes out, but it is good to know that IE is being brought to the same level as other browsers now. Hopefully, I’ll finally be able to design a website and not have to worry about testing it in different browsers.
The Beta 1 has been released to only MSDN subscribers and a small group of pre-selected testers. Beta 2, according to the documentation Dean provided in his post, will be available publicly.
A lot of commentators on Dean’s post are whining about the decision for Microsoft to go with a private testing for the first beta, but they’re all blowing smoke. They didn’t even read the information Dean posted, and got up in arms about something which is really irrelevant. They’re just a bunch of selfish children.
UPDATE: If you don’t want to take me seriously, at least listen to what Molly has to say.

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3 replies on “IE7 Beta 1”

That’s possibly the most inaccurate statement possible. Of course people are going to complain about these issues. Microsoft have gone about this completely the wrong way.
They haven’t brought IE up to par with other browsers just because of tabbed browsing and some security improvements (oh, and 2 css bug fixes). They seem to have ignored standards completely and are keeping silent on the subject which doesn’t instill anyone with hope at all.
Just because you support MS and don’t use profanity doesn’t mean you’re right – OR better than anyone else. I think it is you that needs to do the growing up.

I don’t see how Microsoft has gone about this the wrong way. They are doing precisely what many other technology companies do. Very few companies release a Beta 1 product to the general public for testing.
I didn’t say IE is up to par with other browsers. I said it is going to be. As well, just because there seems to be little standards support in the first beta, does not mean there won’t be any at all in the final public release. That’s just jumping the gun.
Regarding your statement about me not swearing making me right, where did that come from? First of all, I never saids anything about anyone swearing. Second, I never said I was right. I simply posted my opinions based on what I read and saw. I am not a tester, so I have not used the Beta 1; maybe using it is different than what was written in the Technology Overview.
As well, where did you get the idea that I support Microsoft? Just because I like some of the features they said they are going to be putting in the new IE does not make me a Microsoft supporter. I am not a Slashdot supporter, but I still think they have some good articles.
Way to be succinct.

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