Regan and his Kub Kar

Regan and his Kub Kar
Regan and his cub pack joined another cub pack for the Kub Kar Rally tonight. This was Regan’s first Kub Kar rally, and I did not help him with his car at all.
They split the cubs into three groups according to year (first, second and third).
Because of the numbers and the variability in the surface between the 6 lanes, each group had several runs, and then their overall placement was averaged out.
Regan’s group had several rounds, seven of which Regan was in.
Here is how he placed:

  1. Second
  2. Third
  3. Second
  4. Second
  5. Third
  6. Third
  7. Fourth

We’re not sure what place he hit overall because they announced only the top three, but we think he did pretty well for having designed the car entirely on his own.

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We’re very proud of your accomplishments Regan and good for Daddy for staying out of it.. you can sure tell in our cub pack which ones the boys do and which ones the parents do,..

i was home schooled too but i would still prefer regular schools.-‘-

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