Jason Kenney spending over $650K more on staff than Notley did in her first year

Jason Kenney has 19 political staffers who make over $100,000 a year. The highest makes over $224,000, which works out to nearly $20,000 a month. The lowest paid of those 19 makes over $114,000; that’s nearly $10,000 a month.

TitleAnnual salary
Principal Secretary$224,137.94
Executive Assistant to the Premier$114,559.38
Premier’s Speechwriter$149,425.38
Caucus Affairs$119,540.20
Executive Director, Premier’s Southern Alberta Office$194,252.76
Special Advisor, Communications and Deputy Press Secretary$124,521.28
Director of Talent$149,425.38
Tour Manager$114,556.00
Premier’s Chief of Staff$224,137.94
Special Assistant to the Premier$114,559.38
Director, Stakeholder Relations$149,425.38
Principal Advisor$194,252.76
Executive Director, Communications and Planning$194,252.76
Deputy Director, Communications and Press Secretary$159,387.02
Manager, Stakeholder Relations$114,559.38
Special Advisor$149,422.00
Director, Digital Strategy$124,521.02
Director, Operations$149,425.38
Executive Director, Issues Management$194,253.02
Annual salary is calculated based on the biweekly salary mentioned in their contract.

Rachel Notley’s staff salary list for her first year had 1 more than Kenney’s, but she included assistants and receptionists.

TitleAnnual salary
Director, Issue Management$159,387.02
Media Officer$109,578.56
Communications Assistant$72,720.44
Director, Tour and Scheduling$149,425.38
Director, Correspondence$69,512.30
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff$124,521.28
Appointments Coordinator$93,640.04
Executive Assistant to the Premier$84,674.46
Deputy Chief of Staff$174,329.74
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff$84,500.00
Administrative Assistant, Communications$69,512.30
Director, Media Relations$149,425.38
Administrative Assistant, Issues Management$69,512.30
Coordinator, Stakeholder Relations$114,559.38
Director, Appointments$149,425.38
Chief of Staff$224,137.94
Director, Special Projects$149,425.38
Media Officer$109,578.56
Tour Officer$69,512.30
Annual salary is calculated based on the biweekly salary mentioned in their contract.

Notley spent $661,724 less on all her staff per year than Kenney is on his 19 most expensive.

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Doug Ford, by comparison, has 24 staff making over $100,000 (as of 2018). Kenney has 19. Ontario has 3.5 times the population.

Also interesting, Kenney is spending 68¢ per capita on these 19 staffers. Notley spent 52¢ for all her staffers in her first year. Ford spent 32¢ per capita. Kenney is spending twice as much on his staff per capita than Ford is.

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By Kim Siever

Kim Siever is an independent queer journalist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He writes daily news articles, focusing on politics and labour.

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