Kim Siever News is now The Alberta Worker

After two years of writing under Kim Siever News, independent journalist Kim Siever is writing under a new name.

This week, I rebranded Kim Siever News as The Alberta Worker.

Not much changes in the immediate future. There’s a new logo, a new name, and a new website address, but all the old articles are still there (but with new addresses—the old addresses all redirect), and I’ll keep pumping out news stories every weekday for the foreseeable future.

I made this change because, while I think most people familiar with my work know that I take a labour focus with a lot of the stories I write, I wanted that focus to be more prominent.

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As well, one thing I’ve noticed from my critics is that they often dismiss my news stories because they see my name and just assume it’s personal opinion. I’m hoping that by changing the name to something less personal, it will encourage more people to read the articles I write.

The new logo also has a stronger worker focus.

My previous logo represented my personal politics, through the colours of the anarchism flag and the left direction the arrow is pointing in, as well as the stylized K hidden in the logo.

The new logo isn’t about me anymore. It’s about workers. I chose a gear as a the central element of the logo, representing the industrial workers. Supporting the gear are two grain stems, which stand for agricultural workers. The image in the void of the gear, represents public sector workers, specifically education and health care.

The logo isn’t meant to be exhaustive in the specific sectors it represents, but I wanted to include a wide enough variety to give the impression that The Alberta Worker is for workers in general.

I’ve also renamed my Siever Receiver email newsletter to Alberta Worker. It still has monthly, weekly, and daily issues, which you can subscribe to here.

Social accounts for The Alberta Worker are all brand new, so they have very small followings. Feel free to follow the accounts below.

I’ve also renamed my Patreon account to Alberta Worker, but pledges there—as well as PayPal subscriptions and one-time donations—still go directly to me. At this point, The Alberta Worker is still just me. And your financial support still helps me pay my bills.

It’s been quite the experience writing news stories over the last two years, and I’m excited for what the next few years will bring under this new identity.

Thank you to everyone for your financial support and for sharing my news stories over the last two years.

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By Kim Siever

Kim Siever is an independent queer journalist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He writes daily news articles, focusing on politics and labour.

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