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A Poem For Mary

  1. There was a time within my life whence I was but alone;
  2. Whence all the love giv’n to me was ne’er in my heart sown.
  3. My heart was open but ever empty, for love ne’er knew me then,
  4. And might I try to op’n it more I’d never find a mend.
  5. For much a time I trav’ll’d through life with a heavy heart inside;
  6. A heart weighed down, not b’ excess love, but loneliness within abide.
  7. For years I tried to compensate with the things I had around me,
  8. My eyes, my ears, my nose, my tongue thought that they had found thee.
  9. The things they found were substitute, and tried to trick my heart:
  10. My eyes would view the seas of grain and give my love a start —
  11. They’d see the ocean up above, blue as m’ spirit inside,
  12. And then at night the sea was black and pocketed w’ specs of light;
  13. My ears would hear the beautiful song of spring birds in a tree,
  14. And the whisper of the brooks and wind would once again be thee;
  15. My nose would smell the sugar rose and the fragr’nce o’ fallen rain,
  16. And these two things w’ innocence were ye t’ me again;
  17. The taste of sweetness upon m’ tongue were joys that would exclaim,
  18. That you were here, though you were not, and for a time would keep me sane.
  19. And all these things would fill my heart, tho’ ne’er would stay that long,
  20. For they were not love, but took the place when I did not hear the song
  21. Of a voice from Heav’n that would fill my ears, my mind, my soul, my heart
  22. And change the love I felt back then for one that was my part
  23. Years went by and still no sign of the love I want’d for me —
  24. She had to be the perfect one for my eyes to even see.
  25. The beauty of her hair surpass the golden waves of grain,
  26. The darkness richer than the eve and darker than its reign;
  27. The voice of her must angelic be and fill my mind with peace,
  28. Be honey smooth and sunny soothe and soft as fragrant fleece;
  29. Her scent of flow’rs and fallen rain must fill my heart each day;
  30. And the taste of precious lips must too engulf me when they may.
  31. That was the love I wanted for; the love my heart would need;
  32. The love my eyes kept searching for; the love my ears would heed;
  33. The love my mind kept yearning for; the love my spirit missed;
  34. The love my soul was aching for; ’twas what made me amiss.
  35. Time did not bend and was not friend and kept her from my sight,
  36. But then I knew that once’d come soon and then I’d be full o’ light.
  37. The time soon came after years’d gone by, and my mind had ne’er thought
  38. Nor dreamed the sight of beauty such would have been my lot.
  39. But the richness of her hair was more than midnight in the woods,
  40. And the eyes of her were deep with green yet mingled w’ brown o’ wood.
  41. The voice I heard was sweet like heav’n, and her song was more than birds
  42. And the beauty of her entire soul was brighter than the earth.
  43. It was not long b’fore I fell in love and my heart was full once more
  44. With a joy that stretched throughout my soul and warmed my spirit’s core.
  45. She soothes my soul when it is troubled or filled with worldly cares,
  46. And she calms my mind of busy days and all my stress she bears.
  47. And now I know that it’s her love that will keep me warm forever,
  48. And the time I’ve wait’d for her love will escape my mind in never.

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By Kim Siever

Kim Siever is an independent queer journalist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He writes daily news articles, focusing on politics and labour.

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