How to make a matchbox full of paper hearts

I’ve been trying to find ways this year to weekly do something extra to show appreciation and love to Mary. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or Mothers Day, and I always use the excuse that I show her appreciation and love all year round. I wanted to make sure it was actually true this year.
Anyhow, I came across an empty matchbox the other day, and before I through it away, I wondered if there was something I could repurpose it for.
Right away, I thought I could do something for my weekly lovefest. I knew we had a scrapbooking punch that could make heart shaped holes (and conversely, tiny paper hearts). I figured I could make a matchbox of paper hearts.
How to make a matchbox of paper hearts
The first thing I did was cover the outside with red construction paper. I didn’t cover the drawer because I ran out of time, but you could easily do that. Just be careful of making it too snug.
Next, I cut a bunch of squares from the leftover paper.
I folded each square in half.
Finally, I cut out a heart from each folded square.
Then I put it all together.
How to make a matchbox of paper hearts
Naturally, Mary loved it. 🙂

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By Kim Siever

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