Workout, Day 1

I started going back to the gym today. I had been going until 2004 when I started biking to work. When my knees gave out a year later, our daughter was born and my wife switched her gym time to the mornings. At first, I stayed at home to take care of our daughter when she woke up. then I ended up enjoying the extra 1.5 hours of sleeping time.
In the last week or so, I’ve been thinking I should go back to the gym. So, after some thought, I figured if I got up with my wife and dressed, ate, and whatnot while she was gone, I could go as soon as she got home.
Today was the first day. It went fairly well. I started with swimming. I decided to do swimming Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because I thought they had shorter lanes those days. Unfortunately, those days are full-length lanes. I still swam though. Here’s what I did:
Front crawl: 200 m
Breast stroke: 50 m
I think I am going to switch to Tuesdays and Thursdays for swimming since they have shorter lanes, so I can rest more often until I can build up some endurance. I’ll reserve Monday, Wednesday and Friday for weight training.
I’ll try to post my progress here.

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By Kim Siever

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