Who donated to the Lethbridge–East 2019 election campaigns?

I decided to go through the campaign finance records for local campaigns and find some information on the donors. Today, I’m doing Lethbridge–East.

A few months ago, Elections Alberta published the campaign finances for candidates in the 2019 provincial election. I decided to go through the campaign finance records for local campaigns and find some information on the donors.

Today, I’m doing Lethbridge–East.

Keep in mind that donor names must be disclosed only when the donation is over $250.

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Ally Taylor, Alberta Party

Taylor received 4.6% of the votes cast in the election, as well as a total of $86.10 in donations.

Devon Hargreaves, Liberal Party

Hargreaves received 2.3% of the vote. He had only 2 donations over $250:

  • Corrie Haushauer, a shift manager at Pure Canadian Gaming, donated $650.
  • Darlene McLean, an assistant investment advisor with HollisWealth, donated $500.

As well, there was a total of $1132.06 in donations that were under $250.

John McCanna, Independence Party

McCanna received 2% of the votes but no donations.

Maria Fitzpatrick, NDP

Fitzpatrick received 38.7% of the vote but also received no direct donations, but see this article regarding party donations.

Nathan Neudorf, UCP

Neudorf barely won the popular vote at 52.4%.

He received more donations than all other candidates combined, both in total amount and the number of donations. In addition to the $17,760 he received in donations under $250, he received $37,112 through 50 donations from 45 individuals, for a total of $54,872.

John Voorhorst owns C.V. Benefits in Coaldale, which is an insurance company. He donated $1,500. His spouse, Jenny, donated $3,000.

Sayeh Zielke is a cardiologist and the medical director at Chinook Cardiology. She’s also an author. She donated $2,600. Her spouse, Dale, donated $2,000.

Jarret Hoffmann is the sales and project manager for Bezooyen Contracting. He donated $2,350. His spouse, Kelly, donated $2,300.

Mark Lowen is the owner and president of McNamara Flooring Studio. He donated $1,508.

John Ross is owner and president at Milk River Cattle Co. Ltd. He’s also the chair of the Milk River Watershed Council Canada. He donated $1,500.

Darren Boras is the chief financial officer at Ward Bros. Construction. He donated $1,017. The chief operating officer of Ward Bros., Colin Ward, also donated $1,017.

Karen Fritz, the director of integrated home care with Alberta Health Care South Zone, donated $1,000.

Aaron Low is a vascular surgeon. He donated $1,000.

Glenn Tams is the owner of Taber IGA. He donated $1,000.

Reuben Tams of Stone Age Granite donated $1,000.

Dana Thomas is a learning support teacher. She donated $1,000.

Tony Van Leuken previously was president of the now defunct Mountview Dodge Chrysler. He donated $1,000.

Peter Klok, owner of Klok, Peter Feeds Ltd in Nobleford, donated $700.

Joe Groenenboom of Groenenboom Farms donated $600.

John Thiesen, retired, donated $527.

The following people made $500 donations.

  • Marinus de Leeuw, Nobleford town councillor
  • Rajko Dodic, lawyer and former Lethbridge mayor
  • Clifford Elle, member of the Oldman River Health Advisory Council
  • Harvey Nikkel
  • Neil Nunweiler, president of DMT Mechanical Group of Companies
  • Leonard Perry
  • Bruce Primeau, managing partner at Express Lodging Ltd.
  • Igor Shaskin, a clinical pharmacist and a co-owner of Stafford Pharmacy
  • Marc Slingerland, principal at Calvin Christian School and a former federal Christian Heritage Party political candidate.
  • Edward Van Hierden, general manager of Vantage Trailer Sales
  • Rodney Vandenberg, owner of Deluxe Cabinetry
  • Reg Wamboldt

Ryan Johnson also donated $500. There are two Ryan Johnsons in Lethbridge: one is a dentist at Signature Dentistry, and the other is president and CEO of Whipcord. It’s not clear from the donation records which one donated to Neudorf’s campaign.

Anne Van Dijk of Dykster Holsteins donated $400.

Richard Altvater is the managing owner of 4 Seasons Inc in Lethbridge. He donated $369.

The following people all donated $300.

  • Geoff Cox a partner at Cox Financial Group
  • Dylan Davies, president of Lethbridge Iron Works
  • John Davies, owner of Lethbridge Iron Works
  • Ken Gibson, executive director of Alberta Construction Association, which is based out of Edmonton
  • Jay Harris, retired founder of Kodiak Heating
  • John Van Liere, partner at MNP
  • Harvey Wichers, owner of the KFC and Taco Bell in West Village Mall
  • Larry Wright

Adele Barrington donated $258, as did Justin Keller and Trevor Wandler, both of whom are estimators and project managers with Synergy Fabrication.

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By Kim Siever

Kim Siever is an independent queer journalist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He writes daily news articles, focusing on politics and labour.

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