Who donated to the Lethbridge–West 2019 election campaigns?

I decided to go through the campaign finance records for local campaigns and find some information on the donors. Today, I’m doing Lethbridge–West.

A few months ago, Elections Alberta published the campaign finances for candidates in the 2019 provincial election. I decided to go through the campaign finance records for local campaigns and find some information on the donors.

Yesterday, I did Lethbridge–East. Today, I’m doing Lethbridge–West.

Keep in mind that donor names must be disclosed only when the donation is over $250.

Zac Rhodenizer, Alberta Party

Rhodenizer received 7.2% of the votes cast in the election. Ally Taylor, the Lethbridge–East candidate, received 4.6%. Rhodenizer received a total of $550 in donations, and 4 donations above $250:

  • Barry Graham, president of DTR Services, donated $1,000.
  • Cate Rigaux, a criminal justice instructor at Lethbridge College also donated $1,000. Her spouse, George, a commercial banker who had run against Karri Flatla for the UCP nomination in this riding, also donated $1,000.
  • Dwight Tolton, owner of Top O the Hill Farms, donated $500.

Patricia Chizek, Liberal Party

Chizek received 1.9% of the vote, less than the 2.3% Devon Hargreaves received in Lethbridge–East. She had received $294 in donations under $250.

Ben Maddison, Independence Party

Maddison received 1.4% of the votes, compared to the 2% John McCanna received in Lethbridge–East. Unlike, McCanna, however, he received donations: $262.14 from himself, and $410 in total of donations under $250.

Shannon Phillips, NDP

Shannon Phillips won the riding with 45.2% of the vote. That was more than Maria Fitzpatrick (NDP) in Lethbridge–East—only 38.7%—but it was less than the 52.4% Nathan Neudorf (UCP) received to win the Lethbridge–East riding. She received no direct donations, but see this article regarding party donations.

Karri Flatla, UCP

Flatla barely lost the riding, taking 44.3% of the popular vote, less than a percentage point behind Phillips and only 227 fewer votes.

She received more donations than all other candidates combined, both in total amount and the number of donations. In addition to the $11,990 she received in donations under $250, she received $37,112 through 56 donations from 48 individuals, for a total of $40,529.50, including 4 donations from herself ($350).

John Kennedy, a psychiatrist, donated $4,000. He donated $312.50 directly to the party in 2018, as well.

Gerry Martin, a farmer in Duchess, donated $2,500. Richard Martin, who shares property with him but lives closer to Bassano, also donated $2,500. Richard donated an additional $2,000 directly to the UCP in 2018.

David Burton, a partner with MNP, donated $2,300, as well as $908 to the PC party in 2011.

John Davis, founder of the Davis Auto Group, donated $2,300, as did his spouse, Barbara. Together, they donated an additional $6,075 directly to the party in 2018.

Harry Gross, president of Lone Tree (LTI Group), which includes Sego Industries, Stranville Developments, and Lone Tree Capital, donated $1,500. His spouse, Randi, and their child, Melissa, also each donated $1,500. Since 2017, the three of them have donated a combined $18,245 to the UCP, outside of election campaigns, and he donated $2,000 to the Wildrose Party between 2014 and 2016.

John Althen donated $1,017.

The following each donated $1,000:

  • Clarence Arnoldussen, founder of Bridge City Chrysler. As well, between himself and his spouse, Johanna, they have donated $12,080 directly to the UCP since 2017, as well as $1,000 to the PC party in 2010 and 2015.
  • Mark DeBlois, a partner with KPMG. He donated $500 to the PC party in 2015, as well.
  • Colin Miller, another partner with KPMG. He also donated $750 to the PC party in 2013 and 2015.
  • Todd Olson, a dentist
  • Marc Slingerland, principal at Calvin Christian School and a former federal Christian Heritage Party political candidate.
  • Dale Zielke, who sits on the Lethbridge Food Bank board and is spouse to Sayeh Zielke, the only cardiologist in Lethbridge. He also donated $3,125 directly to the UCP in 2018.

Dale Groenenboom of Groenenboom Farms donated $600. Between 2004 and 2015, his business donated $18,100 to the PC party.

Clint Dunford, former MLA for Lethbridge–West, donated $537.50.

Eduard Fetting, vice-president of prairie operations at Sunrise Poultry, donated $527. He also donated $650 to the party last year and $550 to the PC party in 2004.

The following each donated $500:

  • Dean Gallimore, former managing partner with KPMG and a current member of the University of Lethbridge board of governors
  • David Jensen, a financial advisor with Edward Jones
  • Duane Konynenbelt, owner of The Great Escape and president of Lethbridge & District Pro-Life
  • Murray Lengyel, a business coach
  • Bob MacPhail, retired
  • Glen Metzler, CEO at API Labs. He donated $450 to the PC party in 2012, as well.
  • Elston Noren, CEO at Gamehost and a director with 1508956 Alberta Ltd. He also donated $1,000 to the UCP in 2018.
  • Andy Pawson, a realtor with Century 21 and the owner of Janus Homes. He has donated an additional $2,375 to the UCP since 2018.
  • Tim Schipper, general manager of Lethbridge Toyota. Interestingly, Andrea Ullmer, dealer principal of Lethbridge Toyota, was Flatla’s campaign manager.
  • Ted Scholten, president of AT Investment, general manager of Hobgoblin Holdings, and owner of Scholten Management
  • Rand Silkie, Project Manager with JULY Project Resources in Calgary. He has also donated $1.850 to the UCP since 2017 and 1087.50 to the Wildrose Party between 2012 and 2016.
  • Debra Slomp, a realtor with Sun City Realty
  • Glenn Varzari, former owner of National Salvage. He also donated $1,900 to the PC party between 2010 and 2012.

Ryan Johnson also donated $500. There are two Ryan Johnsons in Lethbridge: one is a dentist at Signature Dentistry, and the other is president and CEO of Whipcord. It’s not clear from the donation records which one donated to Neudorf’s campaign.

Edward Brunsdon donated $450.

The following donors gave $300 each:

  • Jennifer Brayne, owner of Home Hardware and a member of the board of trustees with Alberta Bible College
  • Ruth Budd
  • Eugenia Friebe, general manager of 496403 Alberta Ltd, a property management company
  • Colleen Hierath
  • Sonya McKillop, president of McKillop Insurance & Registry. Her spouse, Ryan Reidel, owner of Delrei Roofing, also donated $300.
  • Valerie McQuaid, owner of L.T. Framing & Renovations Corp. She also donated $100 to the UCP last year.

The following donors gave $258 each:

  • Helen Bekkering
  • James Carter, regional vice-president with Primerica
  • Patrick Glashan. He also donated a total of $895 to the UCP since 2018.
  • Laurier Kramps, president of Reliance Appraisal. He also donated $250 to the UCP last year.
  • Clarence Taal, president of Ducan Industries. He also donated $1,000 to the Wildrose Party in 2012. His spouse Lynette, program manager with Lethbridge Family Services, also donated $258.

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