Mountain Climber

  1. All dressed in white, I travelled up the bumpy mountain trail.
  2. A decade long, the trek was slow, but cliff and face I scaled.
  3. For much of it, I climbed alone, ’cross countless pointed crags.
  4. I’d climb each one, a rod in hand, to plant the climber’s flag.
  5. Each step passed by, and soon I’d feel the summit growing near;
  6. I’d reach the top, gasp in delight; another would appear.
  7. And so it went, year after year, I climbed alone each peak,
  8. Assuming I had reached the top, worn hands and legs so weak.
  9. And then one stretch, no longer was I hiking all alone.
  10. Another hiker walked with me, attempting mountain cone.
  11. We shot some arrows with our bows, at rainbows made of grey.
  12. Then three years gone, we suddenly had gone our separate ways.
  13. It was not long ’til my path merged with hiker number two.
  14. Who likewise still no summit seen but loved breathtaking views.
  15. And for another year or so, no mount had felt our feet.
  16. Just petting lily-eating roes and tasting tulips sweet.
  17. But then they left for emeralds, and I alone once more.
  18. With rod in hand ascended I more peaks, each snowy hoar.
  19. But then, O then, hiker three had just come into my sight,
  20. So hand in hand, with lock-ed step, we jointly made the hike.
  21. It was quick, but on the way, we took the time to snack.
  22. Pomegranates, figs of green, and apples in our packs.
  23. And as we neared the summit firm, we hurried up our pace,
  24. Focused on eternity, we climbed with quickened grace.
  25. And then we reached the point so high, floating o’er the bluff.
  26. Misty warm, entwined with gold, amid soft sighs and puffs.

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By Kim Siever

Kim Siever is an independent queer journalist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He writes daily news articles, focusing on politics and labour.

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