The Creature

  1. With each footstep of hope, descend into the hole,
  2. The water wicking up, now pulling at my soul.
  3. And flung upon my back a bag of ashen bones;
  4. The closer that I get, the louder grow their moans.
  5. I stand within the grave, a tightness in my chest,
  6. My heart beating so fast, and all I want is rest.
  7. And then I’m thrown inside, and buried while alive
  8. And I can only feel the draining of my life.
  9. But while I’m in my tomb, my skin begins to split,
  10. A thing had grown inside and now no longer fits.
  11. A creature soon comes forth, naked but clothed in blood.
  12. It takes my heart and mind, then reaches through the flood.
  13. Its hand enclasps a wrist, which holds it sure and tight.
  14. And with a pull so swift, it brings it to the light.
  15. Emerging from the crypt, the creature starts to change.
  16. Abandoning its host, freed from its fleshy cage.
  17. And then at once I see through its fresh, virgin eyes
  18. And feel its beating heart that once had beat as mine.
  19. I stood upon the grave, where I had stood before,
  20. But in a body new and different in my core.
  21. Then of a sudden flames surrounded my new flesh,
  22. Embraced me as a dove, then left me, pure and fresh.
  23. I grabbed the ferrous rod and closed the gate behind,
  24. And with my first new step, began the gruelling climb.

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By Kim Siever

Kim Siever is an independent queer journalist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He writes daily news articles, focusing on politics and labour.

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