Workout, Day 17

I worked out my arms and shoulders today. I modified my workout. I decided to up my weights and decrease my reps. I did it for two reasons: build more bulk and allow for time on the bike.
I cut some exercises and added some new ones. The ones I added work more muscles, so I hope to maximize the benefit from those exercises in the little time I have. The new exercises were: alternate curls, alternate front raises, and reverse curls.
Here’s the lowdown:
1. Reverse curl: 40 lb
2. Alternate curl: 25 lb
3. Tricep pull down: 50 lb
4. Tricep extension: 35 lb
5. Wrist curl: 55 lb
6. Alternate front raise: 20 lb
7. Dumbell press: 27.5 lb
8. Lateral raise: 20 lb
I still need to increase the weights on everything but the lateral raises.
I then spent about 15 minutes on the stationary bike. I did about 7 km with an average speed of about 26 km/h. My max heart rate was about 165.

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By Kim Siever

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