Workout, Day 3

Today was my first day of weightlifting. I have only about half an hour, so can only do 1 set for each exercise. I guess rather than doing the same exercises once every three times to the gym, I could go to four, reduce the number of exercises I do each day, and increase the number of sets. With going to the gym every other day though, it would be about a week and a half between the times I do the same exercises.
Instead, I just increased my weights from the last time I worked out, and bumped up the reps to 15.
What I used to do was 4 sets of 12, 10, 8, 6 reps, and decreasing weight with each one. given my time restrictions, I think this will work.
Anyhow, here are the exercises I did today. I worked my arms and shoulders.
1. Hammer curl: 20 lb
2. Tricep pull down: 40 lb
3. Concentration curl: 20 lb
4. Tricep extension: 20 lb
5. Wrist extension: 20 lb
6. Military press: 50 lb
7. Reverse fly: 45 lb
8. Lateral raise: 12.5 lb
9. Shrug: 40 lb
10. Dumbell press: 20 lb
11. Front raise: 10lb
I think next time I need to increase weights for the military press and reverse fly. Maybe the wrist extension as well. It was slightly too easy.

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By Kim Siever

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