Why right-wing voters shouldn’t vote UCP today

To my right-leaning friends: do not vote for UCP and Jason Kenney today.

Jason Kenney is corrupt. He cares about only one thing: power. And he has no problems lying and cheating to get it.

His plan for the economy is to give rich people and corporations tax cuts, on the backs of the rest of us. Everyone who makes over $126,625 will see a reduction in income tax under Kenney. In fact, millionaires will receive a 33% income tax cut!

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Kenney plans to give corporations a 33% tax cut, bringing them to the lowest levels in the country. Actually, under Kenney, corporations will pay 20% less in corporate income tax than they did under the PC government.

And guess what the rest of us get? Those of us who make under $126,000? You and me? Nothing. We don’t get a tax cut.

Millionaires and corporations will get a tax cut, and we don’t. In fact, corporations will pay a lower tax rate than you and I will.

But Kenney will get rid of the carbon tax, you say?

Sure, but then we have to pay the federal carbon tax. And that’s higher than our provincial carbon tax. He claims he’ll fight it in court, but he’ll lose that fight. And it’ll take months, if not years, and we’ll still be paying the federal rate while it is in court. And he won’t be paying the court costs and legal fees out of his own pocket. He will be paying them out of our pockets.

And if you think NDP ruined the economy, keep the following in mind:

  1. We already have the highest tax advantage in the country.
  2. Our debt to GDP ratio is the lowest in the country, which means our debt is the lowest in the country when compared to how much our economy produces.
  3. More people are employed today than when the NDP took power in 2015.
  4. There are fewer job vacancies now than there were in May 2015.
  5. More oil is being produced now than when the NDP took power.
  6. The province is producing more natural gas now than when the NDP took power.
  7. Retail trade is higher than it was in 2015, which means more consumers are spending money.
  8. The consumer price index is higher than it was in May 2015.
  9. Manufacturing sales are higher now than when the NDP took power.
  10. Wholesale trade is higher than in May 2015.
  11. GDP is higher now than it was in 2015.
  12. Labour productivity is higher than in 2015.
  13. Alberta has the highest GDP growth in the last 20 years.
  14. There are over $180 billion worth of projects proposed or under construction in Alberta.
  15. Business investment in Alberta is more than double of the federal average.

If you’re concerned about Alberta’s economy, then vote for the NDP. The NDP have put people to work, building schools, and hospitals, and roads, and other infrastructure. Sure, they borrowed to make it happen, but they have created jobs, and they helped us survive a recession.

Kenny will get rid of that. He plans to lower taxes: lower income tax for the rich, lower corporate taxes for companies, no carbon tax. That means government revenue will drop.

He says he won’t borrow money.

It’ll be impossible for him to maintain infrastructure at the same rate as the NDP did. He will have less money to spend and he won’t be borrowing. If he plans to balance the budget, he needs to do more than just freeze spending; he needs to cut spending. And that means job cuts.

So, Kenney’s plan is to cut taxes for the rich and get rid of jobs.

If you’re concerned about the economy, voting for UCP is the last thing you should be doing. You should be voting NDP; they’re getting Alberta back on track after 20+ years of mismanagement by the PCs.

And if you can’t bring yourself to vote for NDP, then vote Alberta Party. Voting UCP is the worst thing you can do.

And we haven’t even talked about social issues yet.

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By Kim Siever

Kim Siever is an independent queer journalist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He writes daily news articles, focusing on politics and labour.

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