Workout, Day 12

I came across a website called Swimplan, which creates personalized swim programmes. It needs a benchmark to base the programmes on, so today was a benchmark swim day.
I swam 100 metres (4 x 25) doing the front crawl in 3:30. It took me 174 strokes.
After I was done that, I did two sets, one each of the breast stroke and front crawl, to see if I could improve my stroke count. I specifically focused on improving stroke count, so have no idea how long each set took.
1. Breaststroke, 25 m, 29 strokes
2. Breaststroke, 25 m, 26 strokes
3. Breaststroke, 25 m, 26 strokes
4. Breaststroke, 25 m, 25 strokes
5. Front crawl, 25 m, 37 strokes
6. Front crawl, 25 m, 40 strokes
7. Front crawl, 25 m, 40 strokes
8. Front crawl, 25 m, 38 strokes
I was pretty pleased, but it really wore me out. I then did 50 metres each of the breast stroke and front crawl as a cool down, but I did it pretty lightly.

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By Kim Siever

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