Workout, Day 13

I worked out my arms and shoulders today.
1. Hammer curl: 25 lb
2. Tricep pull down: 40 lb
3. Concentration curl: 27.5 lb
4. Tricep extension: 27.5 lb
5. Wrist curl: 35 lb
6. Military press: 80 lb
7. Reverse fly: 60 lb
8. Lateral raise: 12.5 lb
9. Shrug: 47.5 lb
10. Dumbell press: 22.5 lb
11. Front raise: 12.5lb
I need to go even higher for the wrist curls. I’m still not feeling any effect. I’m going to increase the reverse flies as well. I think all the rest I’ll raise in 2.5 lb increments. Except hammer curls and front raises, they’re fine where they are for the time being.

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By Kim Siever

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