Workout, Day 27

I worked out my arms and shoulders.
1. Reverse curl: 55 lb
2. Alternate curl: 35 lb
3. Tricep pull down: 70 lb
4. Tricep extension: 42.5 lb
5. Wrist curl: 75 lb
6. Alternate front raise: 25 lb
7. Dumbell press: 32.5 lb
8. Anterior dumbell raise: 32.5 lb
9. Lateral raise: 17.5 lb
I think it will be awhile before I increase the weights on these exercises. The shoulder exercises were particularly difficult today.
On a related note, I guess I should mention I have noticed some definition slowly creeping in. I think my decision to lower the reps and increase the weights made a difference.
I can’t say I am losing much fat. Most of my fat is in my belly, so the definition I’ve noticed is outside my belly (legs, arms, etc). I have even noticed a bit of definition in my chest, back and shoulders. These have traditionally been difficult for me to develop, so that’s pleasing to me.
No bike today though. I like using a bike with a dashboard to track of distance, speed, and heart rate. There are only two of those kind. There are about a six that have no electronic controls, and about six horizontal pedalling contraptions, but I don’t like using either.

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By Kim Siever

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