AB heavy haul drivers win 11% wage increase

These new raises mean none of the workers under this contract will be making less than $20 an hour and 4 classifications of workers will be making over $40 an hour by 2026.

In the July 2023 Bargaining Update released earlier this month, Alberta’s jobs, economy, and northern development ministry indicated that a new collective agreement for some heavy duty drivers in Alberta had been reached.

Settled on 23 July 2023, the new agreement is between NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul and Local 363 of the Teamsters, which represents nearly 50 of NCSG’s workers.

Headquartered in Acheson, Alberta, NCSG mobile crane rental and heavy haul services throughout Western Canada. They have locations throughout Alberta, including Fort McMurray, as well as one location in Regina and three locations in northern British Columbia.

These workers—which include riggers and the drivers of picker, light, and heavy trucks—had been working on an old contract that had expired just this past June.

According to the July 2023 Bargaining Update, these workers will receive a total increase of 11% (well, technically 11.3%, if you account for compound increases) over the 3-year term of their new contract. Here’s how it breaks down per year.

1 July 20236.0%
1 July 20243.0%
1 July 20252.0%

That works out to an average annual increase of 3.67% during the life of the contact.

For example, at the end of the previous contract, journey-level picker truck drivers were making $38.93 an hour (not including shift premiums if they were working in Fort McMurray). By the end of the new contract, these same drivers will be making $43.35 an hour.

Here’s a look at the each of the job classifications and how much their wages will increase each year.

Picker truck (journey)$38.93$41.27$42.50$43.35
Picker truck (non-journey)$33.12$35.11$36.16$36.88
Light truck$36.26$38.44$39.59$40.38
Heavy truck$38.93$41.27$42.50$43.35
Supervisor (lead hand)$39.49$41.86$43.12$43.98
Rigger (level 1)$19.53$20.70$21.32$21.75
Rigger (level 2)$22.61$23.97$24.69$25.18
Rigger (level 3)$25.97$27.53$28.35$28.92

The new contract will expire in June 2026.

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By Kim Siever

Kim Siever is an independent queer journalist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He writes daily news articles, focusing on politics and labour.

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